Dr. Kale Kirkland

Dr. Kale Kirkland is a licensed psychologist in Montgomery, AL.  He owns and works at a private practice, Central Alabama Psychology, P.C., and provides both assessment and therapy services to various populations.  Dr. Kale Kirkland provides a unique individual voice and perspective to the field of psychology.

Dr. Kale Kirkland completed his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2005 from the Auburn University. He was then accepted to the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at the University of Mississippi, enrolling in 2006.  He completed his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 2008.  By 2011, Dr. Kale Kirkland had completed his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology.

After obtaining his license in September 2011, Dr. Kale Kirkland became a Certified Forensic Examiner in 2012.  Since that time, he has maintained a consistent effort to perform Court-related work in order to assist Court-involved individuals with mental health needs.

For many years now, Dr. Kale Kirkland has served in various functions as a liaison between individuals/families and legal, medical, and psychiatric fields. He believes that each individual is unique, has a relative story to tell, and should be provided with the opportunity to begin establishing more adaptive methods for managing stressors. Dr. Kale Kirkland specializes in both assessment and therapy, providing comprehensive psychological assessments to evaluate for current diagnoses and related treatment recommendations.  Such evaluations are aimed to assisting with educational and/or vocational planning, medication management, and self-understanding.

Dr. Kale Kirkland is available to testify as an expert witness with respect to various Court-related evaluations, as needed.